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Check Out The Full Meaning Of LOL, ASAP and Other Internet Slangs

Most of us might have already wondered why a lot of people both young and adult make use of short abbreviations instead of the normal full words in Whatsapp, Facebook and the likes? That's because many people nowadays are very much lazy to type words in full instead, the prefer typing it in short forms to save time and stress.

In Other cases, a lot of people on the other hand don't understand these short abbreviations when they come by them and get confused as to what they mean. Although many people do understand it but not all of them and these short abbreviations are popularly called Internet Slangs.

If you're noticed, old people do use the short abbreviations too to save time and stress and it's considered a time saver.

Today, we're going to be telling you the full meanings of these short abbreviations or internet slangs. Without further delay, let's get into them right away.

Their As Follows Below:

LOL - Laugh out loud

LWKMD - Laugh wan kill me die

LMAO - Laugh my ass off

OMG – Oh my God

BRB - Be right back

GR8 - Great

ILY – I love you

ROFL – Rolling on the floor

STFU - Shut the f**k up

LMK – Let me know

YOLO – You only live once

SMH - Shaking my head

ADMIN - Administrator

AKA – Also known as

AIIT - Alright

B-DAY – Birthday

BF - Boyfriend

GF - Girlfriend

DFKM - Don't F***ing Kill Me

HMU - Hit me up

ASAP - As soon as possible

BR - Battle Royale

TGIF - Thank God it’s Friday

IDK - I don’t know

IKR - I know Right

TBH – To be honest

FYI – For your information

NVM – Nevermind

STFU - Shut the F**k Up

IDC – I don’t care

ITK – I Too Know

IHU - i hate You

Despite the number of short abbreviations mentioned above, their still hundreds of them which are still out there. But these one's are commonly and popularly used by people nowadays.

Now that you've quite learned a few of them, if you have any one that isn't mentioned above and you know it kindly comment it down below.

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