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Legit ways to make money from Home

I'm sure many of us must have tried to search online "how to make money online" at some point. Most of these searches usually end up with schemes that don't usually work while some of these searches convince us to do networking tasks and still not get paid. Some of us have been forced to partake in ponzi scheme like MMM, and the likes of Racksterly just to make some extra money. But I'm here to teach you legal ways to make about $50-$1000 monthly.

Did you know you could make money from Writing?

I will give you 5 websites where you can get paid as a writer, but before we dive in, I'd like to emphasize that these websites are genuine and you have to actually do some work to get paid.

5. Music Tuts

Niche: Music

Payment: Paypal

On this site, writers with music or audio background/experience are needed. They need "Quick tips" ( mini tutorial of about 500 words or a screencast of about 5mins). Your article should focus on one main technique.

They pay $50 for every article they accept.

4. Code Tuts+

(PHP/Ruby/HTML5/CSS3 etc)

Niche: Web development

Payment: Paypal

Here they are looking for in-depth web development tutorials. You should be able to write about front-end and back-end web development.

They also accept articles about PHP, server-side Javascript and other web development related topics. They pay $100-$250 per article accepted. You'd get $100 for a short tutorial but you'd get $250 if you do an in-depth tutorial on the selected topic.

3. JustParents

Niche: Parenting

Payment: Not Specified

This website will pay you to write articles about Parenting and Pregnancy. Your article is expected to be between 700-1500 words long. You'd get paid within 24 hours after your article has been accepted.

2. Better Humans

Niche: Self improvement

Payment: Paypal

This website will pay you to write articles about self improvement. They are specific that writers write advice based on personal experiences. You are expected to provide evidence based advice that are relatable to readers. Articles should be as long as 2700 words long. You will get paid about $500 if your article is selected.

1. Bitch Media

Niche: Feminism

Payment: Not Specified

Bitch Media will pay you to help them further their mission of giving thoughtful feminist response to the mainstream media. Your articles can range from 1200 to 3000 words depending on if it falls into the category of their online online publication or print magazine. They'd pay you $150 to $1000 depending on the nature of your article.

You can share this article to friends and family on whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc So as to encourage me to make more posts like this. If you enjoyed this article and you want more websites, don't hesitate to mention it in the comment section.

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