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Twitter Influencer gives tips on how to treat freelancers/creatives better

A popular Twitter influencer reveals 6 things freelancers and creative individuals should know.

This is paramount to the nature of jobs and works given to those who are creative by nature.

An influencer with the social handle @ToyosiGodwin took to Twitter to share his experience, while narrating points on what freelancers should know and how they should go about it.

Creative individuals doing their best to showcase their potentials but unfortunately, they are also neglected for their innovations and works. Thus, it has become an issue that is of concern to creative individuals which the need for change.

Moreover, they feel they have been cheated on daily for as well as end up seeing no positive results. Many have complain about it but nothing has been done to solve it.

ToyosiGodwin in his thread listed 6 key points that should considered, such as; good works deserves good pay, invalid assurance to exposure and pay. Another is the importance of normalising commending creativity.

He warned that creative individuals should not be treated like slaves as well as adviced them to pay attention to their creativity, inform and relate with their clients not leaving them hanging by disappearing.

These points are very essential to those who want to be outstanding freelancers and creative individuals. It should not be taken for granted.

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