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4 Simple Ways To Battle Memory Loss Quickly

Do you ever just suddenly forget why or what you ran upstairs to get ? Or You just can't find your car keys like everyday? Or it takes you up to 2 minutes or more to remember that colleagues name that he keeps reminding you of daily ? You're not alone, this article is certainly for you as well, Although there are no assurances or certainty when it comes to preventing memory loss or even onset of dementia, certain activities might help sharpen memory.

Play Crosswords, Puzzles and Board games

This serves as a mental exercise for the brain, mentally stimulating activities help keep your brain in shape as well as keeping memory loss on wraps. Sudoku was the crossword game many of us grew up playing at the back of newspapers, this sharpened our minds while we were still negligent but now we employ video games or even no games , Taking alternative road paths also helps the mind stay focused

Go Out Regularly

Become a socialite, and interact regularly with friends, family and people around your neighborhood as social interaction helps ward of stress and anxiety which leads to memory loss, Create a weekly social plan which involves you being outside especially if you stay alone.

Workout Regularly

There is almost nothing a little bit of consistent exercise doesn't cure, Healthy individuals are usually advised to do at least two and half hours of exercise weekly as it helps total health, from brisk walking, to jogging or aerobic activities this improves blood circulation and in turn improves breathing , calming the body off stress which keeps the mind alert and active.

Make Plans and Stay Organized

Many people often times get overwhelmed with so much work to do and approaching deadlines. Making plans by creating a to-do list often time helps one stay ahead of deadlines and improves overall organization, You're more likely to forget things if your space or desk is cluttered and your notes are everywhere. Ensure you Jot down tasks, appointments and other events in a special notebook, as a note book will always be smarter than the sharpest of minds.

Ensure you have at least 7hours Sleep

Sleep plays an important role as it helps in consolidation of your memories, so as to remember better it is important to sleep at least 7- 8 hours daily, so make sleep a priority before work.

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