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The effects of internet fraud on the Nigerian youths and future implications on the Nigerian economy

Over the years, Nigerian youths have engaged in internet fraud because, it is a very fast way to make money and not just little amount of money but, huge amount of money and due to this a lot of young Nigerian men and women are engaging in it.

Internet fraud has been existing before now but of recent, there seems to be an uppsurge in the number of youths who are engaging in it, despite the fact that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is cracking down on youths who are engaging in it but, as each day comes, more youths get themselves involved.

Whenever they (fraudster) are advised to desist from doing such, as engaging in criminal activities reduces lifespan, the excuses they do give is that, the whitemen and white women they are duping, once duped, enslaved and maltreated their forefathers and these are the reasons why they can not leave it because, they are revenging for them.

Some will say it's because there is no work for them to do to fetch them money, whereas, that is not always the case because, students claiming this are students who are not yet qualified to go to the labour market, as most of them are secondary school and higher institutions' students.

If internet fraud is not curtailed in Nigeria on time, here the negative effects that will come out of it.

To The Youths Involved...

1. Shortened years: Engaging in criminal activities shortens people's lifespan, as spending a year in prison reduces two years from people's lifespans.

2. Inability to control spending: Whenever someone who was once rich goes broke, such individual might not be able to minimize his or her spending and in order to meet his expensive daily expenses, such person might start stealing, might do ritual or engage in other criminal activities.

To The Economy...

3. Youths, who are into fraud are unproductive in an economy and as a result, such economy might experience slow growth rate.

4. Shortage of personnel: In the labour market, there is enough personnel because, people are looking for a paying job, in order for them to be able to settle their expenses but, since most people who ought to be competing against each other are involved in something else, there will be shortage of personnel and if care is not taken, foreigners will start coming to Nigeria in the future for employment opportunities because, larger population of the youths will be involved in illegal businesses.

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