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Improve your knowledge with these 10 random science facts.

Here are ten random science facts to improve your knowledge.

These facts that will help you to learn more about the world we live in.

So, below are some random science facts to add to your knowledge.

1.A Russian designer has proposed a concept Refrigerator called "bio robot refrigerator" that cools your food with biopolymer gel.

2.A robot recently preformed the world's first autonomous soft-tissue surgery without any assistance from doctors.

3.The SIM card in your cell phone is basically like a tiny computer,it has a built-in CPU,ROM and RAM.

4.An Isreal-based company (StoreDot) has developed a battery that can charge a smartphone in just 30 seconds.

5.IBM scientists have developed a brain inspired computer chip which mimics the neurons inside your brain,the chip consumes just 70 milliwatts of power and can perform 46 billion synaptic operations per second.

6.The term "bug" for a software malfunction became popular because once in 1947,a system fault was traced back to a moth stuck in the system.

7.A keyboard exist with a your favorite emoji on it,it connects through Bluetooth and compatible with Mac,iOS and Windows.

8.In2013,Bill gates admitted that the "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" command was a mistake,and should have been made a single button.

9.Roller coasters loops are never circular,but instead are designed with an upside down "teardrop" shape.

10.The Microsoft company creates smart laptop battery system that learns how you work and last longer.

Thanks for reading.

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