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Batch C applicants, try these methods if you are unable to update your records on NASIMS Portal

It is no longer news that the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management (MHDM) has issued out a directive requesting all prospective 2020 Npower applicants who applied for the Batch C programme to update their records on a new portal. 

What that means is, those who in 2020 applied for Batch C enrollment Npower application should proceed and update their details appropriately to enable them to write the online computer-based test. According to the Ministry, the first pre-qualifying stage is for everyone who has already applied for the programme to update and sit for the test. Information made available on the new site unambiguously indicated steps to follow in updating your record to enable you to write the test. The steps are as follows:

1. First, you login into the site

2. As you log in, kindly input your email address you earlier used in applying for the programme. Confirm if it is the same email you used in signing up for the programme last year.

3. Click on forgot password and a dialogue box will show up directing you to input your email again and then click on send me the link.

4. A confirmation link is expected to be sent to your email you earlier input when you log in.

5. You then visit your mailbox and click on the link sent then follow up with the necessary instruction as directed by the link. 

Despite the seamless method highlighted above many applicants are finding it difficult to move from one stage to another if at all you can scale stage one. It is based on the aforementioned difficulties that I have deemed fit to bring to you some best practices that may likely help to update your records and sit for the online test. Therefore, if you are among those experiencing such difficulties as enumerated above try the following ways it might work for you as it has worked for others.

1. First of all, Login in Chrome browser and if it doesn't work, activate your browser on desktop mode and try it ones more if you are using an Android phone. If it doesn't work still, clear all cache or history data on your browser then try it again. This applies to both personal computer and phone.

If yet no positive response, use or download the Puffin browser if you don't have it already and apply the same methods highlighted above.

2. If number one above doesn't help, wait till you repeat the same process highlighted in number one at the midnight. The logic of trying in the night is, being a new site it may be experiencing overwhelming traffic from millions of applicants who applied for the programme. Perhaps, you could be surprised that even those who did not apply for the programme will still be trying their luck to log in, hence compounding the already high volume of traffic on the site. It is given this that it is advisable to make a trial in the night when most people are sleeping and are off the site. There is no specific time you we may suggest is the best time to try but you may start trying from midnight till dawn.

3. Lastly, make sure you have a strong service network on your device or look for a location that you anticipate strong network signals. I said this because some locations do experience limited network connectivity. If in case you are using a computer I suggest you use tethering, which's an act of connecting a USB cable from one device that has an internet connection to another that you intend to use to enhance internet connectivity than using a wireless hotspot. This is to enhance strong signals.

Conclusively, if you try all these processes and is still showing account not found, no details found or there's a problem, do not entertain fears yet as the closing date to that effect has not been announced, hopefully, the site would be normalised as days go bye to accommodate everyone.

I guess you can learn one or two lessons, if you have any further suggestions or complaints that you may be experiencing in updating your details, go to the comment box below and share your experience. I will be available to help.

Content created and supplied by: Kakaaki-News (via Opera News )

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