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6 Mobile Security Tips to Keep Your Device Safe

See tips below;

1. Beware of Downloads 

When you're downloading apps, be sure to download them from official application stores and check other people's review. Cybercriminals build mobile applications that copy trusted brands to steal users' confidential info. To avoid this trap, be sure to take a look at the nos of reviews, last update and contact data of the organization. 

2. Install Anti-Virus Software 

You've probably have heard about anti virus programs for desktop computers or laptop, yet your handheld PCs can benefit by them, as well. These programs can protect against virus and hacking endeavors.

3. Set Secure Passwords 

Setting solid passwords on your applications will make it harder for a hacker to guess them. It's additionally recommended to set a different password for each application. If one password is found, the hacker will not have access all your data. 

4. Connect to Secure Wifi

5. Keep Your Device’s OS Up-To-Date

6. Keep Your Phone Locked

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