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You Struggle To Eat, Yet You Starve Yourself Just To Buy iPhone 13 In Order To Show Off -Reno Omokri

Nigerian human rights activist and motivational speaker, Reno Omokri, has taken to social media to slam those who are not conended with what they have.

Speaking through his facebook account, Mr. Omokri, disclosed that most of the people who buy iPhone 13 in Europe and America have jobs or businesses they are doing. He noted that they buy the phone on an installment plan which made it effortless to feel the payment.

As the case may be in Nigeria, Reno Omokri, revealed that some people struggles to eat but they starve themselves to buy iPhone 13 in order to belong to where they don't belong. He stressed that it is preferable to have a million conversation on old Nokia phone than begging money with brand new iPhone 13.

Speaking further, the motivational speaker, noted that bank status of a rich man with an ordinary phone is full while the social status of an ordinary man with rich phone is fool. Meanwhile, he advised people to change their perspective about life and live according to their worth.

"In Europe and America, most who buy iPhone 13 have jobs or businesses. Plus, they buy the phone on an instalment plan where they don’t even feel the payment. You struggle to eat. Yet, you starve yourself just to buy it in order to belong to what you don’t belong."

"Better to have a millionaire conversation on an old Nokia than to beg for money with your brand new iPhone 13."

"The bank account status of a rich man with an ordinary phone is full. The social status of an ordinary man with a rich phone is fool" - he wrote.

Source: Reno Omokri via Facebook

Dear readers, what can you say about these people who empty their bank account to buy iPhone 13?

Can you help someone who is using iPhone 13 while you're using small android phone?

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