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Boost your CV, Get a skill -- See skills you can learn online for free and get certified

Getting a degree is super important but in the present Nigeria lots and lots of people have also gotten their degrees and are still struggling with unemployment. 

You can stand out in the crowd and make yourself unique by going further to get one or more skills. Thanks to the evolution of the internet, you can now learn some certain skills at the comfort of your home! Below are some skills you could learn:

1. Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing refers to all marketing efforts and strategies that is done online. Competition is getting high amongst companies as most struggle to market their products and services. So most are turning on to digital marketing as an effective means of marketing their products and it is gradually taken over traditional systems like newspaper advertisement, radio broadcast, etc. Getting this skill means that you can help companies market their products and services using sophisticated tools like Google analytics while getting paid. 

Google has an ongoing 40 hour course titled "foundamentals of digital Marketing" that you could learn for free and get certified upon completion. Use the link below to get started


2. Graphics Design: 

If you love arts, colours, good design and computers, Then graphic design would be a good skill for you.

It involves mastering programs like photshop, illustrator and other popular tools that will allow you create stunning visual designs. By learning this skill you will understand the fundamentals of what make things look attractive, clickable and thus more sellable. Like every other online skill, this one is quite useful and important

3. Computer Programming

Computer Programming will let you write codes which could be used to develope PC softwares, smartphone application and websites - which have become an integral part of our everyday lives. You could start from popular ones like java, python, html, and c++. All you need to start is a working computer and data for your internet connection.

4. Microsoft Excel

Developing and Mastering Microsoft Excel skill can also yield monetary profits both online and physically. This skill set useful in market research and analysis, project management, cost estimation, statistical data analysis, etc. You could start off by freelancing. There are lots of youtube videos that can help you out with the mastery of this skill.

5. Statistical Data Analysis:

Data analysis is the practice of examining, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data sets in order to discover some useful information, draw conclusions, and make good decisions, often with the help of specialized software. Data analysis is effectively used to discover new opportunities, reveal big business relationships, and improve one’s business performance. You could be very useful to big companies by getting this skill.

6. New Language: 

You can learn and master a foreign language like french, spanish, mandarin, etc for free. This is a great skill to have nit only if you intend working abroad but it's also useful when working to translate and convey documents from one language to another.

7. Public Speaking:

it's a presentation that's given live before an audience. Public speeches can cover a wide range of different topics. The goal of the speech may be to educate, entertain, or influence the listeners. 

Speaking in public is especially important for businesses to market their offers. This allows them to get their message in front of potential customers. Sales people and executives are often expected to have good public speaking skills. There are online courses that'll help you master this.

To learn and master any skill, It will take some significant time, practice and patience, but it will be well worth it in the end.

On YouTube you can find millions of videos that can help you learn these skills.

Also some platforms you could use are








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