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5 Common Reasons Why Phones Overheat

1. Excessive Usage

When you're using your smartphone too much, with a lot of features at the same time, you are stressing the processor the more and it usually tends to overheat.

2.Faulty Battery Or Charger

This is a lot more dangerous than you may think. An faulty battery has the capability to heat up to dangerous levels and even explode. When buying a new battery, buy exactly the one meant for your phone and only use your original charger or approved chargers.

3. Lack Of Ventilation

If your phone is in an enclosure, it is harder for it to dissipate heat generated by the processor and other components. When choosing a phone pouch, choose a light one that will allow for ventilation.

4. Internal Damage

If internal components like the heat sink or thermal paste are damaged, it is harder for the processor to dissipate heat, resulting in a buildup of heat in your phone.

5. Old Hardware

Older processors tend to heat up very fast at even minimum usage. Taking breaks when using your phone should help you cope with this.

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