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Opinion: The Facebook And WhatsApp Outage Proves That They're A Major Part of Life

The world came to a pause yesterday when our social apps went down.

As expected, most people have called the panic and worry it caused across the world a case of internet addiction.

These critics have said that our social lives shouldn't be so dependent on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. And have been preaching about the importance of having a real life as soon as the internet outage ended.

Let's ignore the fact that they needed social media to get their messages across.

The truth is that, indeed, our lives are tied to these apps.

Yesterday I felt crippled during the internet outage. 

For the first time in ages, I found myself watching Mexican soap operas because I had nothing else to do with my phone. It was that serious.

However, some people have been giving examples of how people survived without the internet back in the day, it's important we note that lifestyle changes with the times.

Facebook, IG, WhatsApp are a part of us in our time, as joining an age grade group for social activities was in ancient times.

The only difference is, now technology has made it virtual.

If all the mango trees where our forefathers converge in the evenings to drink palm wine and discuss all of a sudden withers, which could've been their own version of Facebook or WhatsApp for social interactions, I'm sure they'd be restless and afraid too. Just as we were during the social apps outage.

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