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4 Things To Do Before Making Video Calls

Video call is one of the most common means of communication for personal discussions, conferences, interviews and meetings via whatsapp, skype etc. Before calling a person on video, there are certain things to do in order to create a great and lasting impression.

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Below are 4 things to do before making video calls:

1. Ask permission

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Before making video calls, it is very important to ask permission from the person you intend calling. You need to be courteous in your attitude towards others.

2. Use earphones

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When you are on video call with a person, always use ear phones especially during private conversations, in order to avoid distractions.

3. Look presentable

Looking presentable before making a video call is absolutely important and cannot be overemphasized. Dress properly, so as to look smart and neat.

4. Be mindful of the background

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Be mindful of your background before calling, ensure you are in a clean, calm and bright environment for easy communication. Avoid a noisy and crowded place when making video calls.

5. Avoid turning the camera on others

Always ask permission before turning the camera on others, this ensures you are not intruding in a persons privacy.

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