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UNIPORT Lecturer Allegedly Smashes Student's iPhone 12 (Video)

As a student in any institution, you have to be aware of the school's rules and regulations. They have handbooks where the laws of the school are stated. The student now must be conversant with these laws to be on the safe side.

When it comes to the examination, certain things are being frowned upon. For instance, going into the examination hall with pre-written materials, talking to people while in the hall, writing answers on your question paper, and passing it to another and in this era, we are in, going into the hall with a phone.

A lecturer from the University of Port Harcourt has allegedly smashed a student's iPhone 12 for taking it with him into the examination hall.

In a clip shared on Twitter, you can see the phone has been damaged completely. Someone from the background was saying the lecturer just smashed the phone like that, it's not as if his salary can buy it, wickedness, he will buy it don't worry. It seems he's telling the owner of the phone.

Was it right for the lecturer to have smashed the phone?

Let's hear your thoughts on the matter.


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