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Did You Know That Rocking The Peace Sign While Taking Photos Can Put You In Danger? Here's Why

It has almost become a norm now for most people in the world to raise their two most flexible fingers up while taking pictures. Rocking the peace sign has cost many people their life savings, some have even lost their entire fortune. Who would have thought that something as innocent as this would be so dangerous?

Modern technology has now allowed hackers to get access to your finger prints from photos. Japanese researchers have found out that your finger prints can be copied and scanned from a picture taken about 8 feet away. So, when you rock the peace sign, you make it super easy for hackers to copy your finger prints. Nowadays, our finger prints are used to secure vital information like our bank details. Some ATM machines now enable bank users to withdraw cash with their finger print. So, if you have been taking pictures while rocking the peace sign, you should stop it right away. If ever you must rock the sign, make sure you disable the finger print readers on your device.

The world in which we live in now is full of hackers and fraudsters. Protect your self from them. Do not share all your personal details online, use strong passwords (a combination of letters, numbers and punctuations would do) to guard your personal details, don't save your bank details on your phone.

If you are purchasing something online with your card, make sure you do not save your card details on whatever site or app you want to purchase from and make sure that there is a padlock symbol before the Web page address, just as seen in the photo below:If there isn't a padlock symbol, it means there is a third party looking at your card details but If there is a padlock symbol, it means your details and protected and encrypted. If you receive an email from the bank or any link, cross check the link. Don't share your date of birth on social media and beware of those online quizzes that are all around the Internet.

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