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Funny picture of the day

This picture might not be and is certainly not true, but whoever thought about this and made it as an illustration is very creative. Everyone who sees this picture gets thrilled at the vividness and wit in it.

One of the most funny pictures I've ever seen in my life is this one trying to explain how Samsung came into existence, from the Apple brand.

Seeing this picture some years ago could make me think that the Apple brand was somehow greater, and make me believe that the item on which the Samsung brand name was written on was the part of the Apple logo bitten off.

As I think of it right now, it makes me picture the two competing brands as two shareholders sharing profits from the same stock, with the Apple brand taking more gains and the Samsung brand taking lesser gains. If we consider this carefully, it turns out to be somehow true.

Anyone could believe it, but we should all know that it's just for fun, so laugh and have a great day.

Here is the picture below.

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