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4 Reasons Your Phone Charges Slowly

1. Using A Bad Charger Head Or Cable

This is usually the most common reason for slow charging. Always buy only original chargers for your phone and remember to keep them safe when they are not in use to prevent damages.

2. A Rusty Or Spoilt Charging Port

A build up of dust or rusting metals can slow down or completely stop your charging. If your charging port is dusty, you can simply scrape out the dust and blow it out. If it is rusty, then it'll need a replacement.

3. Weak Source Of Power

Using a laptop or a desktop to charge your phone may end up charging it very slowly or not at all because these devices are not designed for charging phones. Plugging into a wall socket will afford you faster charging.

4. Using Your Phone While Charging

Phones will naturally charge slower when in use because the power from the charger is being shared between your usage and the battery. If you want faster charging, leave your phone while it's plugged in.

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