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How To Turn Your Inactive Social media Follower To Active Followers

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Algorithm demotes your posts if your connections/friends/followers consistently don’t engage with your updates.

You must regularly remove inactive and unsupportive people to improve your organic reach.

Let’s try to understand how Social media Algorithm works. Assume that you have 1230 connections/friends/followers and out of those 700 are ghost friends i.e., they never engage with your posts.

Initially, algorithm shows your posts to only 10–20% of your connections/friends/followers and based on the engagement received from them (likes, comments, and shares) the reach of your post is decided.

Assume that out of your 1230 connections/friends/followers, Algorithm shows your post to 200 people in the first 30 minutes, and let’s say 100 of them engage with you. That’s a pretty good percentage. Algorithm will show your post to more of your connections/friends/followers quickly.

Let’s say the next 200–300 friends who see your post also engage with you, then your post gets boosted even more and this cycle goes on.

But let’s say the next 200–300 connections/friends/followers don’t engage that much, then Algorithm will eventually kill the reach of your post if this cycle of low engagement continues and eventually the post will die.

How to overcome this issue is to ensure all your connections/friends/followers (the real ones not the ghost ones) see your posts. It is to simply remove inactive connections/friends/followers (ghost) who never like or comment on your posts. This will make sure that when algorithm shows your posts to your friends/audience, the engagement rate is good enough, and eventually, the post gets boosted, and your 

reach is reduced due to low engagement rates.

Have you ever wondered why some people have large following yet low engagement on their posts?

Amidst so many other reasons there is one we often overlook.

So many large followings are filled with dormant people who only come to Linkedin and other social media platforms once a year to buy 'Gala & Zobo'

Connect less with people LinkedIn SUGGEST to you. Some of them are inactive they only come around when they want to post their achievements and that is when they accept your connection request and after that they zoom off.

That is why you see 80k Followers with 30 engagement.

So How Do You Connect With The Right Audience?


This is HOW:

 Engage well with other people's posts.

 Don't just drop your comment and zoom off. Take a minute to scan through the comment section and check some other people's comment that resonate with you. (you can even learn from there)

 Those ones are undoubtedly active, CONNECT WITH THEM. 

 You may also want to check other few things to be sure you are good to go.

It's not about quantity but quality.

 You too should ensure you put quality/valuable comment on other people's post. This will attract quality and serious-minded people to you.

That is how to grow your network profitably.

By: Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko

Content created and supplied by: Goodlife_media (via Opera News )


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