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Top Beautiful Influencers That are Virtual Influencers And Why They Are Not Robots!

The world has ever being revolving and evolving, and the way things were done have and will always change. This effect is seen in every aspect and sphere you can see that influence our living. Part of this metamorphosis is seen in the media, advertisement,etc through the use of technologically advanced means to achieve what we want. The trend of influencers for advertisement purposes have being on the increase since the advent of social media. However, humans have taken a step further to introduce what is called " virtual influencers". Question is : what are virtual influencers?

To clear some air on popular beliefs they are not robots as they are fondly called but are CGI(computer generated imagery) characters made by they owners for purpose of achieving the same aim as as real human would and what aim are we talking about here? Influence!

An influencer is one who through his/her large follower audience on social media platforms can influence people to do certain actions ranging from following a trend to patronising a company or just using a hashtag!.These virtual influencers have the same realistic characteristics or traits as a normal human would. Being a force to be reckoned with, they are on the rise every on social media apps most especially Instagram. These influencers range from different personalities as decided by their owners (makers) from models to musicians and so on. So just like it would be for every other influencer, there's also a need for the for various brands. Popular brands like Fendi, Calvin Klein, Samsung have in one way or the other patronised these virtual counterparts. With most of them reaching over the 1 million followers benchmark, they become a credible means by which brands can attain a wide audience.

Varieties of them are out there but we'll be listing out a few with their followers :







For me my favourite is Bermuda!

More of her pictures!

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