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What All Chrome Users Need To Know

What you need to about Chrome rewards Pop_up:

Chrome rewards popup is a scam manipulated scamers to make chrome users feel good and relaxed about their scamming website called "Google Chrome Rewards".

On 21st January, 2021, I became a victim of the chrome rewards popup scam. As I was browsing on Google Chrome I saw a Pop up on my phone which is entitled Google Chrome rewards, with an amazing inscription "You been rewarded by Chrome with Samsung Galaxy s10" just follow the steps below to claim your offer.

They asked me some questions about chrome, such as how often I used chrome, how I felt using chrome, other search engine use sometimes, etc. I answered all the questions and they finally told me that I have claimed Samsung Galaxy s10 they sent me a phone number and said that I should call the number, when I called it, the corespondent told me to type my WhatsApp number at the space provided for it and enter my address too for door drop.

Within 20 the time they set for me was over so I wasn't able to become the amazing winner.

I felt so angry with out knowing that it was a scam, when I told my friends about it they told me that it was Total Scam.

Many people have also became victims of The Chrome Rewards Pop_Up Scam.

Do you agree with me that "The Chrome Rewards Pop_Up" is a Scam? please do like and follow me to find the solution to online scamers. You can also share the News for others to read.

Content created and supplied by: NaezeFidelis (via Opera News )

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