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How To Create And Remember Your Login Details

Most things these days are now online. We have various applications on our phones and laptops that require us to log in. Most websites where we watch movies, trade and even our financial institutions also require us to log in before carrying out any transaction. To keep our assets and data secured, there is a need to use strong passwords. We also need to keep these passwords safe so we can remember them when we forget.

Keep track of your password using a password manager. Strong passwords are mostly above 8 characters that contain alpha numerals plus special characters. You are recommended to use different login passwords for different websites. This is why you should use a password manager. Password managers work across the computer and help you with your stored passwords. They can also help you create and manage lengthy and strong passwords.

Avoid using common words or common character combinations.

If you must write down your login credentials, make sure you keep them in a safe cabinet or locker. Also, if you travel a lot, do not travel with the written passwords to avoid the risk of losing them.

Do not recycle your password. If you recycle your passwords across multiple websites, someone who gains access to that particular login may have to access every other website with the login details.

Use two-factor Authentication. This will prevent thieves that have your password from gaining access.

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