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How The Current Outage On Facebook, IG And Others Social Media Platforms May Affect Some Nigerian Social Media Celebrities

A few hours ago, most of the social media networks including WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have been unresponsive as most users around the world have been unable to login into their respective social media accounts. While the owners of the social media site have been unable to give a reason as to why this is occurring, the most conclusive opinion is that there is probably something wrong with their servers.

This current development by social media giant Facebook is a big problem for many entrepreneurs and businesses in Nigeria because it is the means of making money for a lot of people in this country. Especially the instagram influencers, Instagram models and some social media comedians who broadcast many times of their contents using the social media sites.

Many internet comedians like Taooma, Mr Macaroni, Broda Shaggi and others or may I say some Nigerian celebrities at large use these social media apps to promote their brands and majority of their businesses as well as use it to catch fun. If these current issue is not resolved on time there is every possibility that these five things may affect them.

• They are gradually losing money

As the saying goes, Time is money and this recent outage may not be satisfactory to many celebrities that own businesses online. According to Netblocks, an organisation that monitors cyber security says that suspension of Twitter costs Nigeria $250,000 dollars per hour (102.5 million Naira). And Facebook and the other apps owned by it has been inactive for almost two hours, so I guess you can imagine how much it's costing most of them.

• They may lose customers and followers

Perhaps some celebrities are in the middle of closing down a deal on their social media pages or maybe have an appointment with them at a particular time but without access to these popular apps especially facebook they may lose a potential buyer or customer. And without constant contents to entertain their fans, so celebrities may lose their fans.

• Most of their contents are made on video so without the use of Facebook and Instagram, some of these celebrities enjoy sharing videos and skits on their Instagram and Facebook stories though there is Tiktok as well. But since these ones gained prominence first and there are many countries where they operate, so there is every possibility that it is hindering the broadcasting of their work.

• Some Instagram models utilize Instagram to flaunt glamorous pictures of latest fashion designs and outfits which in turn fetches them sponsors and patronisers and without Instagram, they may be unable to use it for their means of livelihood.

• As almost half the population of Nigeria and the world utilize social media, it is possible that this will effect every area of our lives a bit And micro-blogging platform Twitter doesn't seem to be having any problems, but since the Government has banned it in Nigeria using it would be equivalent to breaking the law.

While I was watching SABC news, a reporter was interviewing a tech expert about what could possibly be the problem there is forthcoming answer from the social media owners, a lot of people have taken to Twitter to complain about the problem. So it's possible that they may have an explanation.

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