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Regularly clear your cache and cookies if not the internet will know too much about you - Reno

Many people today are fond of leaving junk data on their cache memory. These data comprise of their previous activities carried on the internet and they ought to be deleted by the user immediately after use. You may consider this cache or cookies irrelevant but the truth is that they slowly occupy spaces in your mobile devices and most importantly, they carry vital information about your recent activities on the internet.

Media personality Reno Omokiri made a tweet on this earlier. According to him, people should clear the data on their cache memory because they carry vital information about them and could be misused if in the wrong hands.

In his words, 

Regularly clear your cache and delete cookies, or google and other Internet Powers will know too much about you. They will know your sexual orientation, banking details, shopping habits, religious and political views.

Too much information for everyone but God is not good.

What do you think about this statement made by Reno Omokiri?

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