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5 Tips On How To Stop Your Phone From Overheating

In my previous article, I talked about the things people do that causes their phone to overheat. You can follow me on this platform to get the previous article and the next coming one.

In this article, I will be talking about how you can stop your phone from overheating.

Below are my five (5) tips on how to stop your phone from overheating.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight To Your Mobile Phone.

When you expose your phone to the sun, it catches light and heat from the sun and retains it. Your mobile phone gets hotter the longer it remains in sunlight and heat.

Due to this factor, the easiest way to prevent overheating is to keep your mobile phone out of the sun.

2. Turn Off Unused Apps On Your Mobile Phone.

When you open unused apps running in the background of your phone, it causes your phone to work harder, which in turn causes it to heat up.

Here is a simple solution – on an iPhone, for example, all you have to do is press your home button twice and swipe the apps away. Doing this will also increase your phone’s battery life.

3. Avoid Turning Your Screen Brightness Up.

This is also the same as running background apps. Turning your brightness up will force your battery to work harder and create more heat.

The best solution here is for you to look for an anti-glare cover for your phone. This low-cost solution can help you see your screen in the sun.

4. Turn Your Phone To Airplane Mode.

When you turn your phone to airplane mode, it allows you to continue to use basic functions on your phone but turns off other non-essentials that can take a toll on your phone battery.

5. Take Your Phone Case Off.

When your phone is overheating, your case isn’t helping. Taking the phone case off will allow the phone’s heat vents to do their job fully without being blocked, and allow your mobile phone to cool down quicker.

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