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Here Are The Usefulness Of Some Samsung Settings And Why you Should Always Try To Turn Them On

There are settings on our Samsung phones we normally put off because they consume a lot of our phone battery or we think that these settings are not useful, but this Samsung phone setting very important and should always be turned on if we want to make our Samsung phone perform to the best of it ability and in this article I will be sharing we you those Samsung phone settings, but before we start to click that follow to get all my latest article.

1) Focus mode

Are you always planning to do a particular thing on your phone but end up doing another thing? well, Samsung has created a way to help through a new menu called focus mode, this allows you to set the apps you want to use at that particular time and freeze the remaining app to avoid you getting distractions when using your phone and keep your life in focus.

2) Secure Wifi

If you use an open sources wifi often, you should try putting it on this menu, as this will help secure your email, browse and password from been access when using open source wifi or one with a password.


Do you normally create passwords on an account and forget it, well If you do turn on this menu when you are creating an account on the web or an app this will automatically copy the login details so you will be able to access it next time without any stress.

4) Location

A lot of people in Nigeria normally buy this off to save battery, but this location is very important to be turned off. If your phone ever gets missing or stolen this location is what will be used to track the phone

5) Nearby share

A lot of us normally use xender to share our files, but you can also use Nearby Share, this

Nearby Share, allow you to share files with large amounts of data between Galaxy devices as well as some other Android phones.

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