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3 Reasons Why Some People Hide Their Whatsapp Online Status

Social messaging platforms have been one of the major ways of getting information across to other people.

They are also useful for easy access to communicating with friends, family, and lovers.

You will scarcely find someone between the ages of eighteen and above who is not on social media, particularly Whatsapp.

However, you will notice that a lot of people who are using Whatsapp have decided to set the privacy of their account.

They have set it up in such a way that everyone can not see when they were last seen on the platform. They have also hidden their online status.

This makes it difficult for you to know when the person comes online to check their messages.

You may wonder why some people are doing this.

These are three reasons why people hide their online and last seen status from everyone.

They Don't Want To Reply Some Messages

They do this because they don't want to read nor respond to some people's messages. They don't want them to know they are online at the same time.

They want to remain active and also ignore some people, in such a way that the person being ignored will not be aware that they are being ignored.

They Don't Want To Be Monitored

Another reason why people hide their last seen and online status is that they don't want some people to monitor how frequently they are active on the platform.

They don't want them to know that they are chatting with other people or always online. They love to keep their presence on the app private.

Because Many People Are Using It

A lot of people using the app have already set their privacy to hide their online or last seen status.

That's why others feel like they should also be doing it.

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