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Lessons Learnt From How Student's Cooking Gas Exploded While Making A Facebook Live Video

Many hours ago, videos of an unnamed female student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) went viral across several social media platforms. In these videos, she was making a Facebook live video when an explosion suddenly happened. This explosion was said to be caused by a cooking gas which was being used at the time the university's student was live on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Punch Newspaper.

Having read reports concerning the incident, I'm strongly of the opinion that there are lessons to learn from how it all happened.

1. The first lesson to learn from how the student's cooking gas exploded while live on Facebook is that one should never use one's phone when the gas is on. This is because "if there's a gas leakage you're unaware about and the phone eventually heats up, there's likely to be a short circuit and the small arc of electricity created, combined with the gas, might cause an explosion." Who knows if this was exactly what happened to the said lady?

2. The second lesson to learn from how a student's cooking gas exploded while on a live Facebook chat is that one should learn to take life-saving actions when explosions happen. When the cooking gas exploded, many occupants of the el-shaddai lodge where it happened were also perplexed as to what they should do next. Although the fire brigade officers arrived but their arrival wasn't immediate. For this reason, people need to have fire extinguishers in their residences just in case the unforseen takes place.

Photo of the student's residence. Credit: Facebook.

3. The third lesson learnt from this incident is that one should learn to take actions, not pictures, when awry incidents take place. These days, when accidents or explosions happen, people are almost always interested in taking pictures in order to share on social media. Although it's good to get people informed on social media but should that be the first thing? Isn't saving lives what makes us humans?

An illustrative photo of cooking gas. Credit: Guardian NG.

Having read this, dear esteemed Readers, what other lessons did you learn from the sad incident?

Article's Source: Punch Newspaper.

Content created and supplied by: SportsBanger (via Opera News )

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