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Nobody On Earth Needs An iPhone 13. Don't Let Peer Pressure Rob You Off Your Real Treasure- Reno

The new iPhone 13 will reportedly be launched on the 24th of September, and Reno Omokri is already stating reasons why we should not let your peers pressure you into buying the phone, but do you think he's right?

The iPhone company are known for the way they do release different and advanced models of iPhone every year. Last two years, iPhone 11 came out, last year was iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 is now about to come out.

Demoting a phone company is bad, but when it comes in form of an advice, it is not entirely wrong. Reno stated in his tweet that he is against peer pressure influencing you into buying the phone.

According to Reno Omokri, Absolutely no one on Earth needs an iPhone 13 at the point. He said that an iPhone 13 is a status symbol. Reno Omokri said that you should use the money for the phone to invest instead.

Mr Omokri added that you should not let peer pressure rob you off your real treasure. If your old phone works perfectly, you should continue using it, because you don't need a new phone.

What Mr Omokri is saying is right to some point. The last thing you should do is let your peers try to pressure you into buying the new iPhone despite the fact that you might not need it that much.

It's only normal if Reno Omokri advises youths and teenagers against buying the new iPhone. Many youths and teenagers are known for suffering and saving money, only for them to end up using the money to buy iPhone.

Meanwhile Reno Omokri is wrong for trying to reduce the value of the new iPhone in the eyes of his Twitter followers. It might be for a good reason, but it is wrong.

What do you think?

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