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5 basic photography rules everyone should know

Never forget that you have the ability to create a long lasting impression to your potential audience through high quality photos.

Below are five tips to create beautiful images using your mobile phone.

1. Make use of a good background: No one wants to see pictures of trashbins and plastic bottles. You want the focus to be on you so avoid any sort of distraction that can disrupt your image.

2. Let your image be centralized: Often times, we take photos and there are so much spaces at the top of the image while you are meant to be in the center.

3. While you pose, do not frown your face except if you are being forced to snap. Put a pretty smile or you show your shining white teeth.

4. Ensure there is good lighting and be careful when using phone flashes especially at night to avoid red eye. Also, where there is enough lightening, it blocks noise from your image and it gives a succulent beautiful look.

5. Make use of a good editing software: I recommend lightroom or PicsArt. Basic things you need to work with is brightness, shadows, contrast, temperature and noise reduction.

I hope these tips are helpful enough to take your phone photography to the next level.

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