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Learn graphic design with an app (Skills to make money)

Graphic design are skill you can use to make money by creating logo for companies, events invitation card, advertisements poster and even ID

So what's graphic design

Graphic design is a Craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages

Type of graphic design

1.visual identity graphic design and advertising graphic design

3.user interface graphic design

4.publication graphic design

5. packaging graphic design

6.motion graphic design

7.Environmental graphic design

8.Art and illustration graphic design

These are the major types of graphic design

Graphic design are made easy nowadays because you can learn and practice graphic design with the aid of some graphic applications in your phone or computer, and this applications are user friendly which means you don't have to be an expert to use them .

Lists of some graphic design application


Plotagon is a free animation app that you can use to make your own stories come to life, you can create your own actor, write a story and press play, it's that simple


You can use this app to create flyers,events invitation card, 3d logos, advertisement posters and even ID card lab pro

This app is good for animating photo and creating cartoon video like a pro without been an expert in animation.

4.sticker maker

You can create your own WhatsApp stickers like a pro.

5.logo art


7.infinite design

8.Art flow .

Note: most of this app are paid app and requires a smart phone to run them

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