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Why You Should Continue To Love Nigeria Despite Its Challenges.

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Nigeria is a great Country. Our very home. There's no place like home.

It is true that since the outbreak of the covid 19 in the country, life has been hard for the Nigerian citizens. Prices of commodities has increase and is still increasing. Life has been difficult for the people. Some salary earners, their salaries are slashed while some are sacked from work. 

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Many people have ventured into different kinds of businesses. Some, who are working white collar jobs, still have side businesses which gives them passive income.

There are some reasons why you should still love Nigeria.

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In Nigeria, we still enjoy some level of peace. Peace is not the absence of war. Peace is security in the presence of war. There's no where that one can get absolute peace. Despite all the happenstances in the country, the citizens in the country still enjoy some level of peace. It is something to be grateful for.

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Looking at the world, so many countries are faced with lots of natural disasters like tsunami, earth tremor, earthquake, Vulcanicity and so on. Nigeria is indeed a blessed land. We should be appreciative to God that we do not experience natural disasters. Haiti in 2010 experienced earthquake which claimed so many lives, and many people lost their homes.

The Nigerian soil is still very fertile and rich for for planting. The few Nigerians who have ventured into Agriculture are making it big now. You can still plant and go into agricultural farming. You can farm birds, pigs, rabbits, crops etc.

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Nigerians are known for hard work and exceptional strength. Despite the hardship, Nigerians are still sailing. Nigeria is our country, it is ours to build. It is ours to protect. Let's pray for Nigeria. Nigeria still remains our home, and is still the home for our unborn children and upcoming generation. Keep the faith alive. Do not retire.

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