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NOTE: This format of headline will get your article rejected for clickbait on OperaNewsHub

As we continue to improve the quality of content and articles on the Opera News platform, it is important we carry our esteemed creators along on acceptable headline formats and headlines that are just borderline clickbait and mostly irrelevant.

The format of the headlines seen above are obviously copied and they do not reflect any professionalism in your work; these headlines are peculiar to Sports Authors. This system is frowned at as it is observed that a lot of authors are beginning to follow this unacceptable format.

Henceforth, articles in this format will be rejected for Clickbait, and authors who continue in this trend will be suspended from the hub. 

Always note that less is more, when writing headlines just go straight to the point and avoid unnecessary embellishments/formats/templates, exaggerations, and all forms of clickbait. It reduces the quality of your articles and your readers are often pissed off.

Other examples:

AND 0-5 ENG: Read What This Manchester United Fans Said About Sancho That Is True

Also note: negative reactions used as kickers should be avoided.

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