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Easiest way to get solar energy to run all your home appliances

Despite the many benefits that solar energy offers, it is not commonly used today. Solar energy has a greater drawback, which is the expense of implementation. Many Nigerians tend to use generators and burn fuel on a regular basis. While a generator tends to be less costly, estimating the cost of fuel consumed on a regular basis shows that the cost of operating a generator is actually more expensive. Let analyze : a standards generator cost about 75k, if we run generator for 5yrs at #700 fuel everyday.360*700*500=1260000

+ purchase price =#1260000+75000


Despite that u won’t get light 24hrs everyday.

Let see solar energy affordable rate: a lumo solar system cost upto.


People mistakenly equate it to the cost of a generator, oblivious to the fact that a generator needs fuel to operate.

Nonetheless, Solar energy can be obtained in a more convenient and cost-effective manner:

You just need three things.

1) solar panel

2) inverter

3) battery

Solar panel:

You can get a large solar panel for as little as 20k-30k. Inverter is a device that converts one voltage into another.

An inviter costs between 15 and 20 thousand naira. An inverter can convert a DC current to ac, allowing you to use all of your ac appliances, such as your refrigerator, fan cooker, television, and air conditioner. An inverter can also convert ac to dc, allowing you to charge your battery using an ac current when the sun isn't shining. a battery

The battery is used to store energy, and energy from the sun is directly stored in the battery. A battery is estimated to cost between 50,000 and 100,000.

Using this study, you can get a nice and efficient solar energy system for less than 120,000.

You can employ a trained electrician to mount it for you so that it works properly.

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