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Cell Phone Usage and its Effect on the Hypertension Level of Individuals Who Use Them.

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Cell phone usage is a common phenomenon in today's socio-economic and diverse environment . Many people have one need or the other for the cell phone .

News , sports , entertainment , latest trends and events in business, fashion and style has made the gadget a sinequanon for the average individual .

Persons now cluster in online social groups to relate with their friends and family and also get up-to-date information on recent happenings . Hence the need to often be equiped with an almost indispensable tool as the mobile phone .

To what extent has the use of the mobile phone impacted negatively on the health and wellness of people who use it as a means of communicating and reaching out to loved ones .

Research conducted by the National Health Institute in 2008 showed that from a population of cell phone and non-cell phone users , the relationship between cellphone use and hypertension was an inverse one . There was no direct effect that the continuous handling of mobile phones had on the health of persons who indulge in excessive usage of the device .

Though some physicians and health experts sometimes advice the controlled use of handsets , it's has not really been scientifically proven that it's use may bring about high blood pressure and other associated health defects .

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