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Try doing this trick to delete a whatsapp message for everyone after an hour.

Deleting a message for "everyone" after an hour might seems hard. Here is the trick you can use to delete a whatsapp message for everyone.

We all have this feature called "Delete for everyone" which shows when you try to delete a message within one hour.

But you can not delete a message after 1 hour for everyone when you send a message.

But here is a trick that will help you to a delete messages after 1 hour.

Follow these steps:

1.    Turn off your internet connection.

2.    Close your whatsapp and open whatsapp app information.

3.    Enable force Stop from running apps in your settings.

4. Now change your phone time to just after one or two minutes, when you send the message.

5. Do not turn on your internet connection.

6. Open your whatsapp and go for that message and move it to Trash, you have that option Delete for everyone again.

7. Delete that message.

8. Now change your time to automatic and switch on your internet connection and the message will be deleted for everyone.

The receiver would be surprised when they couldn't find the message again.

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