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3 Reasons Why Some Youths Still Practice Cybercrime Despite The Punishments Attached

Nowadays, many youths get involved in cybercrime and the rate of fraudsters in the country keeps rising on a daily. People fall victims to fraud, both in the country and beyond.

Internet fraud also known as Yahoo-Yahoo is an act of obtaining money from a person or organization under false pretense.

Many youths in Nigeria have found a dwelling place in internet fraud, as they make it their source of livelihood. Some youths go as far as creating an organization strictly for fraudulent activities.

(Photo Credit: EFCC via Official Facebook page)

In Nigeria, cybercrime is regarded as a criminal offense liable for several months/years imprisonment, but these fraudsters keep committing the crime despite knowing the punishment attached.

Have you ever thought of why some youths still carry out Fraudulent activities even after realizing the penalty? Keep reading as we discuss some reasons below.

1. They commit fraud for money

First and foremost, youths indulge in internet fraud for money. Making money is their primary objective, which is why most fraudsters are seen living a lavish lifestyle and possessing expensive items. When it comes to money, these fraudsters are ready to do anything at their reach to defraud a person. So money is one of the reasons why some youths still practice fraud.

(Photo Credit: EFCC via Official Facebook page)

2. They do it to oppress others

Some yahoo boys commit cybercrime just to oppress other people. For instance, a yahoo boy with a flashy car stopping to ask a girl who is walking with her boyfriend on the road out on a date. Another instance is when a yahoo boy shows off his luxurious lifestyle on social media with the intentions to trend.

(Photo Credit: EFCC via Official Facebook page)

3. They do it for Fun

Lastly, some youths indulge in internet fraud for fun. Some yahoo boys are from a wealthy background but because of peer pressure, they decide to do yahoo not because of the money but for fun. They do it just to feel among their peers.

It's quite unfortunate that these fraudsters are praised and welcomed in the society. The long-term effect of cybercrime is yet to come.

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