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4 Ways Your Phone May Be Harmful To Your Health

It's obvious that the genie is no longer contained within the bottle. Cell phones are ubiquitous, and people have learned to rely on them in their daily lives. We've all heard stories about cell phone risks, but do we take them seriously? After all, many of us are addicted to our phones and can't picture life without them. Cell phone manufacturers and wireless providers make billions of dollars each year, therefore they have no financial motive to minimize cell phone usage. While there are known risks linked with cell phones, it is unreasonable to expect individuals to abandon their use. There are, however, simple measures to decrease the risk that cell phones pose so that we can all continue to use them safely. Here are some of the risks linked with cell phones, as well as ways to mitigate them.


Consider that for a moment. On a regular day, how many times do you pick up your phone? Consider everything else you've handled, and you can reasonably assume that nearly every nasty tiny germ you've encountered in the course of a typical day is also on your phone. When you consider how hand-washing is generally done, it won't solve the problem. When you wash your hands, you usually put your phone in your pocket or set it down. What's more, guess what? As soon as you pick up your phone again, you contaminate your hands with all of the nasty germs that have taken up residence on it. Wiping it down once a day with alcohol or another germ-killing disinfectant will help keep the bacteria population on the surface of your phone to a minimum.


Many people find it difficult to stop using their phones, especially texting while driving, because cell phone use borders on addiction for them. Despite the fact that texting while driving is now illegal in many states, people continue to do so, erroneously believing that accidents only happen to other people. Consider how it would feel to run down a toddler who had wandered into the street in front of you. After such an encounter, you may wish you had never heard the term "mobile phone." It's simple to avoid a situation like that. Simply said, don't text and drive.


Many people from previous generations who did not grow up with cell phones would be surprised by how much texting some cell phone users do on a given day. Though texting is a convenient way to interact with others, and some cell phone users are fantastic at typing on those tiny keyboards, they are susceptible to repetitive stress injuries, which can cause pain, numbness, and overall discomfort, especially in the thumbs. Although none of these illnesses are life-threatening, several of them can be significant enough to necessitate surgery. Making a spoken call instead of texting from time to time will probably assist reduce the risk.


Many mobile phone users are unaware that when their phones are turned on, they are constantly sending and receiving signals from neighboring cell phone towers. The "sending" aspect is particularly concerning, as it indicates that your phone is always emitting energy, even when it is simply in your pocket. Although practically everyone agrees that cell phone radiation poses a bigger risk to children than to adults, the risks of this radiation are still a source of heated discussion. It is probably a good idea to prohibit or severely limit the usage of cell phones by children.

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