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Akunyili's murder case - The advent of smartphone, social media and the 'I do not care' syndrome.

In reaction to the public assassination of the husband of the late Director-General of NAFDAC, a lot of questions have popped up about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Akunyilis's husband who was shot in Idemili Local Government area was said to be coming from his visit to the University Of Nigeria Nsukka, where he went to collect an award from the Alumnus association on behalf of his late wife, not knowing he will join her soon.

Reports gathered by the eyewitness and the videos recorded at the scene of the murder show that he had the chance of survival if those at the scene had come to his rescue.

Now, this goes down to why compassion is an emotion that is far-fetched among us and why our social media account is more important than human life. Life before the advent of social media and smartphones wasn't stone-hearted, it wasn't particularly bliss, but there was an atom of humanity

A young man was struggling for his life in the full view of the public but all we could do is to bring out our smartphones to capture him surrounded by his pool of blood and gasping for breath when we could have done something to reduce the bleeding, resuscitate him or take him to the nearest medical facility.

What is the cause of the,' I don't care attitude', Is it a system failure, or the excitement of being the first to share breaking news and capture the scene directly to amass followings and influencer status?

Is the advent of smartphones and social media a curse? When did we develop this emotional hardness of not valuing lives but throwing our faces away because our loved ones are not involved?

Akunyili was a good citizen and a surgeon who saved lives, but no doctor was able to save his life because a chance wasn't given to him just like it was given to others.

One would say that the countries system has made it a way that if a good Samaritan comes to the aid of a dying person, he may be questioned, suspected, and arrested if that person gives up the ghost.

I will particularly say that if it was a loved one who needed medical attention all those will not come into play you will risk all to save that person. Remember that danger can happen to anyone and anywhere and at any time. It can be a relative in a distant place, no one knows.

When aiding a person who is at the point of death, do all within your power to save him, forget about capturing the gory scene with your phone, human life comes first. You can plead with someone else to capture the scene for you as you rescue him to keep it as evidence of your innocence.

The system may want to accuse you of being a culprit but that shouldn't stop you from assisting someone that needs your help, you may need that help tomorrow. I pray that the Remnants of the Akunyili family forgive the system that took the life of their patriarch, despite sacrificing his life by saving others and their matriarch who invested her life to make the health system better for those who took her husband's life.

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