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ICYMI, IMHO, FTW, NVM and Other Acronyms You Might Want To Know

Day by day, new words or acronyms are created which make it some word become obsolete the moment news words or slangs are introduced. One of the common practices of the present generation of youths is the use acronyms or slangs; they prefer using those words most especially when using their mobile devices to avoid lengthy words. 

If you have seen the word ‘cos instead of because, and that saves 4 more letters though, then COH meaning ‘come over here’ can also be used for communication. However, there are many acronyms that are common on the social media that people may not their meanings, I hereby compile the list of some acronyms that you may know, let have a look. 

(1) ICYMI 

That may sounds new to many people but we see on it many media like twitter every day, ICYMI simply means ‘In Case You Missed It’ when you are trying to inform people about something they might have missed. I travelled to school but when i returned, my sister used this acronyms ‘ICYMI’ and started to tell me what has happened when I was not around. 

(2) BTW 

It means, ‘By The Way’, just as bae is used as a short form of the word babe and also used for ‘Before Anything Else’.

(3) SMH

I guess everyone is familiar with this, ‘Shaking My Head’ it can be used when you are pissed off by something. Dude! Won’t you go to lecture today, SMH!

(4) IDK

I don't know, would come over in the evening babe?IDK! which means that she is not sure of coming. 

(5) IMHO

You can use this to give you say on a particular topic or issue, like ‘In My Humble Opinion’, let do our practical lessons before we go to play football. 

(6) TBH

Use to affirm a strong opinion, ‘To Be Honest’. TBH, the last exam was too difficult for me. 

(7) TMI

‘Too Much Information’, when you are bombarded with man information, both relevant and irrelevant. 

(8) NTS

This may serve as reminder to one self, ‘Note To Self’, NTS, I want to go to bank early tomorrow morning.

(9) NVM

Never Mind, and it may sounds offensive sometimes, like did you want me to get you something, ‘Never mind’ aww!

(10) ASAP

If you don’t know this, you might missed a lot, but ICYMI, it means ‘As soon as possible’. I shall send the money to you ASAP. 

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