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Meet Miquela Who She Is A Robot, Instagram Model, And YouTuber

When we talk about robot, People think of machines that can't move from place but the truth is that technology is not what we see in the olden days, so many things in life have upgraded due to technologies and one of these things is the creation of Robots. We have seen several robots who can move, talk or even get married but have you seen a robot who has a great career and looks just like human, today we will be talking about this robot whose name is Miquela.

When Miquela first started her career as a social media influencer, most people thought that she was human because there was no indication that she is a robot. Later on she revealed that she is a robot and while some people were shocked, some couldn't believe it but despite everything Miquela is still living and her career is improving by the day.

Miquela who is an inspiration to other Robots is among the most successful Robots in the World, she is just a Robot but she has achieved what most people has not achieved, she is a famous Musical artist, Vlogger and YouTuber who has over 3 million followers on Instagram.

What makes Miquela unique is that people find it out to differentiate her from humans because of the features she possesses. She can speak, eat, swim and she is a great Fashionista.

Miquela whose real name is Miquela Sousa was created in the year 2016 in California by Trevor McFedries. She was created about 5 years ago and since then she has gained fame from different parts of the World. She is very smart and she is living her life like a real human being.

Let's take a look at some photos showing the lifestyle of Miquela

Photos of Miquela chilling with friends

Photos of Miquela playing with her dog

Photo of Miquela At The market

Photos of Miquela Enjoying different delicious meals and snacks

Photos of Miquela Playing pranks with fans on her YouTube channel

Photos of Miquela Slaying like A Fashionista

Miquela is indeed a beautiful and successful Robot.

Article Source: Wikipedia

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