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4 Internet Hacks And Tricks That Simplify Your life

1. {How to know if a website is safe to browse}

This one acts simple just copy and paste the URL into the address bar, Yeah this helps to avoid some website which has wrong content. Or you can replace with the name of the website.

2. {Logging out of Facebook remotely}

If you are in need of logging out of your Facebook from somebody's smartphone or computer which you may not be sure if you logged off, The solution is here. Click on Settings on your Facebook account, Select Security, Click on Where you are Logged in, Then find the option that you want to end, Click log out.

3. {Find synonyms}

There are so many synonyms in our languages that we don't know but Google came up with a simple trick to search when you don't know a particular word, Go to the search box put "~" before the text.

4. {Google search for location}

If you are in need of any location in a particular place, After your search text just adds "location:place".

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