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What is a Computer Virus and Sources of Virus

So today i will be talking about computer virus.

What is a computer Virus:

A computer virus is a small software program that spreads from one computer to another computer without the user's knowledge, and that interferes with computer operation. It has the ability to replicate itself, thus continuing to spread. A computer virus may corrupt or delete data on a computer, use an e-email program to spread the virus to other computers, or even delete everything on the hard disk. A virus should never be assumed harmless and left on a system.

Types of computer viruses

The list of viruses is quiet long and complex. So, I simplified the list by mentioning few broad categories of viruses that can put your computer and all your personal data on it, in danger.

1. Resident virus: This is a permanent type of virus which dwells in the RAM memory. Examples include Randex, CMJ, Meve.

2. Boot Sector Virus: Boot Sector Viruses generally hide in the boot Sector, either in the bootable disk or the hard disk. Examples include stone virus, disk killer, AntiEXE.

3. Stealth virus: A stealth virus can disguise itself by using certain tactics to prevent bring detected by antivirus software. These tactics include altering its file size, concealing itself in memory, and so on. Examples include dubbed brain.

4. Polymorphic virus: A polymorphic virus acts like a chameleon, changing it's virus signature (also known as binary pattern) every time it multiples and infects a new file.

Sources of virus

1. E-Mail

2. Internet Download

3. Infected Removable Storage Media

4. Pirated software

Virus Warning signs

1. The computer runs slower than usual

2. The computer crashes

3. You cannot print items correctly

4. Strange sounds or music plays from the speaker unexpectedly

Antivirus software

1. Norton antivirus

2. Avast antivirus

3. Smadav 10.0

4. Kaspersky antivirus

Source: CHS computer

Thank you for reading.

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