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If You Can Remember 10 Out Of These 30 Pictures, Your Childhood Was Interesting

In the late 1990 and 2000 some things wasn't digital, they were no android phones, Play Stations wasn't popular and there was peace coexisting among all the children in the neighborhood. Ifwe were given a time travel machine, I'm sure some of us would opt in to go back to the late 1990 when everything was real and original. Where Tribal war was not yet a thing, peaceful coexistence among all Nigerians.

In today's article we would be taking a look into some of our childhood items, but can you remember all of them?

What is the name of this device?

What is it used for?

My friends usually call this BEN 10 wristwatch, what do you call it?

This phone brings a lot of good memories, what is your favorite game in this phones?If you have played Bounce before, what level did this game end?What's the name of this phone?Have you ever wore this T-shirt?Another question - what is the name of the company that produced this phone?

How many colors does this pen have?What is the name of the phone that has this game?What is the name of this game?

Ho many of these question were you able to answer?

Thanks for reading!

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