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25 Incredible Photos That Had No Help From Photoshop

We all know that photoshop is a picture editing app and most of the popular picture out there has gone through a series of editing or some kind, but today we bring you about 25 pictures that looks photoshoped or edited but actually happened as a result of coincidence.

Solar Eclipse in Canyon de Chevy Nature reserve Arizona.

Pancake Ice.

The skies reflection looks like a portal to another world.

Little watermelon

A Stunning thunderstorm.

Inside a Guitar

This is how snow falls in Altai

At the bottom of Metropolis

The Artist Academy

Chinese Art of the Crowd

The road that stopped a fire

Flying Under The Moon

The Thunderstorm formation from a plane 11,000 meters away.

A turtle covered in Algae

Thor appears in Novorossiysk

Shinning Mountains

A Rockets Flight

A regiment of soldiers on a morning exercise in Chinese province of Heilongjeng.

Sometimes a stone can break a windshield perfectly.

A White Border between Italy and Switzerland.

How rain looks through a pothole

What hidden under the iceberg

Fire fall at sunset.

And the game stooped

A plane carrying a rainbow

Japanese Synchronized Swimmer Saho Harada

Which of these pictures was the best out of all the rest.

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Altai Arizona Flying Under The Moon Metropolis Pancake Ice


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