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Meaning Of 10 Popular Social Media Abbreviations

Social media is a platform with different opportunities for individuals. The technological industry has improved a lot and new things are developed everyday. Nowadays, people depend on social media for studying and learning because it is faster.

However, there are some social media abbreviations which are very common but most people do not know their meaning. They are used in friendly conversations and formal ones too.Image Credit: Google

Check out these popular social media abbreviations and their meanings:


Many people do not know that CHAT is an acronym and not a word. It stands for CONVERSATIONAL HYPERTEXT ACCESS TECHNOLOGY.

2. NVM

NVM Stands for "Nevermind". This abbreviation is mostly used to avoid further discussion about and issue or conversation.


This acronym stands for "Ask Me Almost Anything". It is used mostly in group conversations to encourage individuals on certain topics. It is either called AMAA or AMA.Image Credit: Google


This stands for 'You Only Live Once'. It is a common term among group teenagers on social media or a code in a social group.


This stands for 'Chat With You Later'. It is used as a goodbye text among friends and colleagues during an online chat.


TTYT stands for 'Talk To You Tomorrow'. It is used to stop a conversation and also continue the next day.

7. ITA

This stands for 'I Totally Agree'. It is used as an acceptance of a speech or conversation during an online chat.

8. YCM

This stands for 'You Copied Me'. It is used on social media to berate another user over a content or writing.

9. 14AA41

This stands for 'One For All, All For One'. It is used to signbunity and solidarity in a team or group.

10. JIC

This stands for 'Just In Case'. It is used to clearly doubts about a certain information or conversation.Image Credit: Google

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