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How to make money using from Application and Google Admob

Making money with Android apps is one of the hottest topics in Android technology. Google AdMob is the best forum for revenue-generating and revenue-maximizing applications in this regard. AdMob is used by over 1 million users to produce over $1 billion in consistent revenue for developers. In this post, I'll show you how to make money by running advertisements in your app. But first, let's define what AdMob is.

What is Google Admob, and how does it work?

In May 2010, Google purchased AdMob, a company and mobile advertising system. The AdMob advertising system is used by some Android developers who create apps and games for Android smartphones to monetize their work. 

The AdMob framework will help you make a decent living if you're a developer looking for a way to monetize your own app or game while keeping it free.

1. Create applications for Android.

You want this software to be incredibly useful and solve problems. When you create games, you want them to be enjoyable and special. Users will spread the word about it because of the viral factor.

2. Go to to learn how to publish on the Android Market. Use your Google credentials to log in.

3. To submit your app to the Android Market, follow the instructions. It's a smart idea to give the app for free to boost downloads, which will eventually decide the amount of users who will see AdMob ads.

4. After that, go to your AdMob account and check your account and contacts.

5. Now go to your dashboard and select Apps> Add First App, where you can give your app a name. You must also pick the status of your project, i.e. whether or not your application has been written. Now choose between Android and iOS as your device platform.

6. By selecting your project and clicking the "ADD ADS" button, you can now build an ad unit.

7. Choose an ad form from the options below. Android is a mobile operating system. Google Advertising Banners (as bars), Interstitials (full screen), and Rewards fall into three groups (videos). I'll show you how to do it by choosing a banner ad.

8. You must construct an ad unit for your project by giving it a name when selecting the banner form.

9. Finally, you must plan the payment by providing your address, among other information. You've finished setting up AdMob for your app.

10. Now, as shown below, you must integrate your application with the application ID and unit ID. To begin, create an app. I'm using Android Studio 3.0.1 with Kotlin in this example. See my Getting Started with Android and Kotlin articles for more information on Kotlin growth. 

Build a new project, call it, place it somewhere, and choose the Phone & Tablet app category. Set the SDK to a minimum of 19 and press "Next." Choose an unfilled operation. More information about how to set up your AdMob account to receive payment can be found in the video below.

Now that you've completed the steps, you can publish your app on the Google Play Store and begin earning money.

Content created and supplied by: Okchops (via Opera News )

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