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Google Celebrates Nigeria's 61st Independence Day Worldwide With A Special Image Display

The popular American tech giant and Internet-related services company Google has recognized and celebrated Nigeria’s independence day worldwide in a very unique way.

Nigerians celebrating Nigeria’s independence day:

Photos credit: Twitter.

Using their platform meant for surfing on the internet, Google proudly and dedicated this day October 1st 2021 to celebrate Nigeria’s independence by displaying the country’s emblem on their platform.

The image was made to look like Nigeria’s coat of arms. However, it only displayed the official national animal of the country which is the eagle. Also, the image was surrounded by one of Nigeria’s national colours green.

This beautiful display known as a Google doodle was made to honour Nigeria’s independence as it is not only Nigeria that is celebrating a special event today. This is why the image displayed by Google to honour Nigeria’s independence is so special and speaks so much about the country.

Check out the doodle/image Google displayed in honour of Nigeria’s independence below:

Source: Google.

This image or doodle is made to last throughout Nigeria’s independence day and would be displayed worldwide to anyone surfing the internet with Google.

Photo credit: Google.

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