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Here Are Some Recent Innovations That Has a Bright Future.

Technology is the skills, methods, and processes used to achieve goals. People can use technology to Produce goods or services and also Carry out goals, such as scientific investigations, teaching, farming and many other things. 

In the world we are in today, We all imagine a future full of happiness and comfort. Looking at history, this isn’t hard to guess that future will surely be more comforting for humans though the possibility of potential or natural disaster will always be there. But let’s assume that our future is going to be better, and the innovations we have which is growing everyday will help the human race. 

Here are some fast growing innovations which will help the human race. 

1, Robots which now work in most countries. 

2, Organic Radical Batteries

3, Organic Radical Batteries

4, Self driving cars

5, Vertical Farming it is the practice of producing food in vertically stacked layers, such as in a skyscraper, used warehouse, or shipping container. 

6, 3D printing 

7, Virtual Reality Headsets

8, Hyperloop Trains

9, Neuromorphic Chips etc. 

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