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6 Things To Do To Make Your Phone's Last Longer Than Usual

We are well aware of the fact that mobile phones of nowadays have poor battery capacities.

Now to make up for the poor battery capacity of mobile phones, industries brought about phones which have close to 6000 to 7000 mAh, which means that these phones could last closely to three or four days depending on how you use them, but the sad truth is that they are few a very costly in the market.

Nevertheless, it might interest you to know that I am here to show you more on how you could actually make your battery last much longer; with just few tune ups in your phone's system settings.

This Tune Ups Includes

A. Freeze Apps

Freezing up the unnecessary apps actually helps in prolonging the battery lifespan of our phones, because some of these apps which we use in our phones sometimes drains up the battery without us knowing, this is because apps are made to run in the background with you knowing, and in so doing they drain the battery without you being aware of it.

B. Location

Although some apps need the location setting to run, you need to turn off the location when you are no longer making use of it so that your phone doesn't get drained down.

This setting location actually means the constant usage of GPS in your phone which could amount to the drainage of your battery.

C. Switching off the Hot-spot when it is not useful.

This is one of the major settings many people don't really know or actually cares about.

The fact is that some apps like Xender demand the turning on of the hot-spot before transferring files from one phone to another, so when the Xender starts running and you forget or refuse to close the app this actually means that the tendering portable hot-spot in your phone is left on, against this the tendering portable hot-spot drains battery to the fullest, sometimes when this is turned on for a long time the mobile phone starts heating up.

D. Automatic adjust brightness.

The mobile phones industries knew why they put this option in the settings, this is because when the phone's brightness is actually very high it drains battery and it is thanks to the fact that the Screen display unit is what actually over drains your battery, therefore this particular settings needs to be controlled to work especially according to time to help make our phone's last longer.

E. Battery Saver.

Most phones have nowadays started running the android 7.0 which have a particular setting named battery saver which automatically turns on when your battery is 30% and below, Now in other to make your battery last longer than usual it's needs to be on; for instance when you are in an occasion and you really need your phone's battery to be on, please you really need to learn how to turn on the batter saver.

F. Turning on data saver.

To turn on the data saver one has to scroll down the control panel, then look far an icon labelled data saver and then switch it on.

The data saver helps the phone to automatically block any unnecessary outgoing or incoming messages off data when switched on, in so doing it actually prolongs the battery lifespan of the mobile phone.

Ladies and Gentlemen trust me that whether your mobile phone is a 7000 mAh or not, it will serve longer by the time all these processes are carried out when needed, please try it out and leave us a feedback as well as your questions for more clarifications.

Thanks for your reading time I really appreciate it, please also remember to Like, Share, Comment and Follow for more Updates @SmilesNews.

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