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What you need to know about cellphone guns

The cellphone gun is a pocket pistol with a folding pistol grip designed by Kirk Kjellberg and made by Ideal Conceal Inc., of Monticello in 2018. It is black, with a plastic exterior and metal core. around the same size as a Samsung Galaxy S7. It has a unit cost of $575, length, width and height of 5.5 inches, 0.75inches and 3inches when folded(5.1875inches when opened) respectively.

When folded, the pistol looks like a cellphone. When folded up, it locks and so cannot be fired. The pistol grip acts as a safety and is held in place with a detent. To fire the gun, the pistol grip must be swung open manually, which makes the firearm takes on the appearance of a normal handgun, thereby meeting the requirements of a pistol under the National Firearms Act.

This very gun drew attention and criticism because it bears resemblance to a smart phone and might pose a big risk to the public.

More pictures of the gun appears below

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Monticello Samsung Galaxy S7.


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